I was born at a paper mill in post-war Finland who was short of everything but paper and children. You had to choose between two careers - making paper or using it. My call was the latter, therefore I started developing my skills in drawing on paper and making cartoons at the age of 32 and a half, thirty-two years and six months ago, after I had moved to Sweden, my other country. 
I use the english language when I have an empty moment and will widen my horizon. It usually results in a little bubble-drawing.  Otherwise I work in both swedish and finnish. Besides cartoons I do verbal comic strips, book illustrations, posters, logotypes etc. In my studio, that lies between a forest and a horse stable, I produce paintings in sweet&sourrealistic style.
Awards & prices:
Stockholm culture award 1984.
Stockholm artist award 1996.
1st price in Helsingin Sanomat Foundation´s
unique cartoon competition, 2008.